Mineral Hair Check Analysis and Consultation by Naomi Buff

Mineral Hair Check Analysis and Consultation

About the Hair Mineral Test

 The hair mineral test is outsourced to an expert company to analysis the mineral content which can be found in the root and first 1cm of the hair.  The test is mailed directly to you and once the results are received you will be contacted to book a 90 minute consultation (in person, online or on the phone) 
Following the consultation you will be given a written report with action points, suggestions and resources you need to support your imbalances. 
How does it work? 
Our hair also holds an abundance of information about our metabolic rate and function, mineral levels and absorption which is because hair is formed from clusters of specialised cells that make up the hair follicle, this data is found in the first 1 cm of hair growth in the crown area. 
During the growth phase the hair is exposed to the internal environment such as blood, lymph and extra-cellular fluids. As the hair continues to grow and reach the surface of the skin the outer layers harden locking in the metabolic products accumulated during formation. Therefore this biological process provides a blueprint of mineral status and nutritional metabolic activity. 
The hair mineral test will show your metabolic type, nutritional elements (mineral balance) and toxic elements (heavy metals)