The WEIGHT workshop by Naomi Buff

The WEIGHT workshop

Launches on September 17th, 2019

The WEIGHT LOSS Workshop

Are you feeling tied down by extra weight? Trying to shift the last few kg’s? Living a prisoner to sugar cravings? Naomi’s Body workshop will provide you with nutrient dense balanced recipes to reduce sugar cravings and promote faster fat burning.

Naomi’s WEIGHT LOSS workshop features 3 balanced recipes that stabilise the blood sugar, increase satiety and boost the metabolism resulting in weight loss (hopefully!)

This workshop includes 3 full live cookery demonstrations - all food prepared is sampled throughout the workshop and recipes are provided afterwards. Advice, tips and tools are given on how to aid and support weight loss and healthy eating.

Cost £35 Time 1pm-2.30pm

(£10 redeemable against any I AM Blends bought at the event)

Location Sevenoaks - emailed upon confirmation of booking